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The main product line of ISD Hardware includes many kinds of sanitary ware and bathroom

accessories. As usual, we were devoted to the study of concept and source in the related products

of plumbing fixture and fittings and so on.


We are always want to satisfy with the home improvement and remolding for home owners in



We are also one of the leading manufacturers specialized in Brass material fittings and Plastic

material industry from Taiwan. Continuously, innovating the new concept products and maintaining

the best quality are our main responsibility.



Plumbing Fitting

Shower Product



Bath Accessory

Slide Bar

Marine Product


Faucet Part

Toilet Repair




Our extensive product lines include thousands of unique Plumbing Fixture & Fittings,

Shower Heads, Hand-Held Shower, Bathroom Accessories, Overflow Drainer and Toilet

Repair that are designed to meet and exceed worldwide standards of quality and design.


In the plumbing industry, ISD Hardware represents the "long lasting" or "dependable".

Underlying all of our products is a pride in craftsmanship and a commitment to customer

service that makes ISD the most reliable plumbing supplier in the industry.



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